The right dish

prato certo

If you already come to our restaurant, i am sure that you have seen and tasted what makes our customers come back for more.                         Perfect dishes, fresh meat, fresh fish, delicious desserts and to accompany a house wine recommended by our Chef, irresistible!


Choice of Ingredients


With over 20 years of experience as Chef, choosing the ingredients to complete the perfect dish requires our greatest attention, starting with our suppliers to the quality of the product!

pimenta anis açafrão



If you want to do some event such as birthday parties, solterium parade, lunches / dinners for groups or others, we have the ideal space with quality food to hold your event!

  • cozinha
  • salmão
  • empanado
  • salada
  • preparação do prato certo
  • camarão
  • espaço restaurante
  • espaço bar
  • sobremesa
  • especial
  • esplanada
  • grelhados
  • camarão com ameixas
  • bacalhão
  • frutos
  • camarão especial
  • lulas
  • espetada
  • Condimentando a espetada
  • Espetada grelhada

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